Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Cocktail Party

A gold evening bag adds color and shine

It’s that time of year when we will begin the cocktail party circuit. You might have a party after work or maybe just a small get together for drinks. People that we haven’t seen in a while or infrequently now want to get together for a quick nip. This is tricky wardrobe wise because we want to look our best but we don’t want to overdress. The solution? Add a little sparkle.


Maybe just a large sparkly cocktail ring, Gabrielle Bruni
If your basic outfit is skinny jean and a silky blouse you can pretty much add anything to dress it up or down. Black skinny jeans and flats paired with a silky black blouse is a great base. Wear a denim jacket and a warm scarf and you set for shopping. Change into heels and a sparkly jacket; add a metallic evening bag and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

 Pull your hair back and add some amethyst earrings

Any basic black outfit can go from simple to cocktail party ready with a few additions. Layer on some necklaces or add some festive earrings. A jacket that has a little sparkle is also a great addition as it will keep you warm and will also look elegant. A really easy way to look super elegant and chic is to dress all in one color. Wearing head to toe cream, red or black always looks put together. All you have to do is add contrasting accessories for pop.


Sparkly jackets add some wow
Another great idea for an instant makeover is slick your hair back into a ponytail and add some large sparkly dangle earrings. A swipe of bright lipstick adds instant glamour. You don’t have to go overboard you just have to add that little something extra. So whether it’s a metallic evening bag, some really sparkly heels or maybe just some awesome earrings and bright red lips, you’ll be cocktail party ready in minutes by adding just a touch of bling.
Or maybe just some sparkly shoes, Vivienne Westwood

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