Monday, November 4, 2013

Pocket Watches Make Great Gifts

Awesome laser cut cover mechanical pocket watch

We’re getting close to that time of year when we have to start thinking about gift giving. Do you buy them something practical or maybe something that they want? It’s a hard decision to make. There are some people who are truly hard to buy present for and they are the ones who usually end up last on the list because we just don’t know what to buy. Believe it or not a pocket watch makes a great gift.


Pocket watches have made a resurgence in the past few years. Men are wearing them to dress up an outfit and add a little pizazz. There is a little romance associated with pocket watches as they are a method of time keeping that was extremely popular in the past. Plus I think most guys have gotten used to having their cell phones in their pockets and pulling them out to check the time.


Quartz movement pocket watches keep accurate time
A pocket watch is similar in placement to the cell phone in the pocket routine. So if you are used to reaching for your pocket to check the time, you’ll do the same action with a pocket watch. The only real difference will be whether to buy a mechanical pocket watch or quartz movement. For those who like to play with things, I would suggest a mechanical. It needs daily winding and you should probably check the time for accuracy as the watch may slow down as it winds down.


Classically styled mechanical pocket watch
For those who just want the look of a pocket watch but without all the fuss, try a quartz movement. A quartz movement watch is battery operated and very accurate. You will not have wind the watch or check the time, unless you actually want to know the time. Both watches will give you the look you are seeking, that of a stylish gentleman. So if you’re stumped for a gift, try a pocket watch, it’s a very tasteful gift that will probably be a total surprise.
Charles Hubert 3939 quartz movement pocket watch

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