Monday, November 18, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever

Some times a worn look adds to the charm

Well, that’s not exactly true. Diamonds can last forever and so do the payments. When I say that nothing lasts forever I’m generally referring to most accessories and other small bits and pieces we purchase throughout our lives. I discussed storage and care of leather last week and it is true that taking good care of your leather items will extend their lives, but it won’t make it last forever.

Worn out belts generally don't look good

A leather belt is one of those items that will wear out quickly if wore daily. You can have the most expensive, quality made and high end belt on the market and I can guarantee it will wear out eventually. Once you put that little metal tag inside that leather hole you’ve already created a wear spot. Most people do not change up the place where they place this tag so the same hole gets a lot of wear and tear until something finally gives.

Even genuine leather doesn't last forever

What I find amazing is the number of people who complain about a worn out belt or purse or leather strap on a watch as if wearing it had nothing to do with its demise. Believe it or not, there is an entire industry out there that sells new belts, purses and watch straps because they know you will need another one someday. Notice I didn’t say want but need? Yes, some things are made more cheaply and wear out quicker, but some items have a finite lifespan.

If you wear them most everyday they will wear out

So the next time you get frustrated with the retailer who sold you a watch a year ago, that you wore every day for the past year, think about your part in the wearing down of that leather strap. While most retailers make guarantees against manufacturer’s defects for years, they can’t make a guarantee that the product won’t be abused and eventually wearing out. Yelling at us doesn’t make our holiday season any merrier and I’m sure it doesn’t make your day any brighter. Just remember retailers are people too.

There is an entire industry involved in the replacing of worn out leather watch bands

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