Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Have the Same Sweater in 8 Colors

The sweater that started it all in black

When you find something you love you wear it a lot. When you wear something a lot you want multiples. When you have more than one, you probably want them in different colors. This is how I ended up with the same sweater in eight different colors. It started off innocently enough with wanting a black sweater. I found a cardigan that was perfect and bought it. It wore well and handled the washing machine like a champ.


Yes I also have it in red
Then I discovered that this particular sweater came in other colors. So I bought one in brown and one in ivory. The manufacturer must have figured out that once someone finds a product they like they might buy different colors. Next thing I know this sweater is available in a rainbow of colors. My problem comes about because I don’t know when to say no to a new color.


I bought one in green
I find myself going to their website and looking to see if I have all the colors they offer. Sometimes I find that they have added a new color. Since the sweater wears so well when I buy a new color it just adds to my collection. It is getting a bit embarrassing and I’m wondering if people are starting to notice that I’m essentially wearing the same outfit, just with a different colored sweater?


Now they have it in heather oatmeal
Am I starting to look like I’m wearing a uniform? This problem has come to mind recently because I went to the website and now they have the sweater in oatmeal and yellow. These are two colors that I currently do not own and think I would love to own them. It is beginning to seem like an addiction of sorts and I’m wondering if they have a group meeting for sweater’s anonymous. It doesn’t help that my “cart” is reminding me that those items I left in there are lonely. I guess I’m going to have the same sweater in ten different colors.
Uniglo has an Alpaca sweater and it comes in different colors and it's only $19.90!
Someone save me!

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