Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Does Style Equal Classy Manners?

This must be a fluke, no one dresses up to walk down the street

I just read an article about how our Grandparents were so stylish. That there was a time when life was simpler and people enjoyed each other and their surroundings. Women dressed up to go out and run errands; people had cocktail parties and wore pretty dresses and suits. Men commuted on trains and wore hats. People said ‘thank you” and “your welcome” frequently. It begs the question, have we become less classy? Are we losing our manners as we lose the need to wear a dress or a suit?


Oh wait...these ladies did...
In our world of instant gratification and equality did we lose something along the way? Did we forget our manners? Did we become unfriendly hermits who never leave the computer screens in our caves even for a chance to drink alcohol in delicate glasses while nibbling on a tasty hor d’ oeuvre? There once was an easier time when people socialized in person instead of on a computer and this generally required a better wardrobe, but does a better wardrobe make us better people?


and so did the ladies in the golf club...
When I get all dressed up I feel better about myself. If I take the time to make sure I look as good as possible, I don’t feel as down. I also notice that those who do the same seem cheerier and exhibit better manners. People hold the door more often, say “thank you” and generally behave better when they are appropriately dressed. I’ve had the door held for me by more people in work clothes than anyone dressed in sweatpants. Coincidence, I think not.


Wow, she wore a fur stole in broad daylight
Our society has turned more towards acceptance of personal idiosyncrasies than conformity to societal norms. While this is probably a good thing, it has hastened the demise of manners or a more formal manner of behavior. So while society is more accepting of our pajama pants in public, let’s not forget our manners. Hold the door for someone today, give a little space to the next person in line, say “thank you” to the checker at the grocery store. Manners aren’t class related; it’s something everyone should practice regardless of what you’re wearing.
Well at least he wore a suit jacket and tie

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