Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buy Your Holiday Presents Online

This is insane

Okay I’m going to join in on the whole Black Friday as Thanksgiving Day thing. I personally enjoy Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to cook a huge turkey, get my kids to come over to eat and then be lazy around the house after we stuff ourselves. I can’t image standing out in the cold waiting for a store to open or standing in line while food is still digesting.

Ah, nothing like togetherness on a holiday

I read somewhere that stores who open on Black Friday, or what is now becoming Black Thanksgiving, are having a harder time financially. Stores like Costco do well all year round so they have no need to be open on Thanksgiving. Stores like Target, Walmart and Kmart are having a particularly hard time and can’t take one day off from selling. A lost retail day hits those in financial trouble hardest of all.

Unless they're giving away free money, I'll stay home

While I totally understand that staying open in order to keep things in the black is important, I find it hard to think that one or two days out of an entire year will make that big of a difference. If your store is in such financial trouble that closing for two days out of the year will cause you irreparable harm, you’re doing something seriously wrong business wise and need to rethink your business plan.

I think everyday should be cyber Monday

I will not be working so please don’t expect a blog. Although I might take pictures of my food preparation for some variation on a holiday because who doesn’t love pictures of food. This was why cameras were put in cell phones. So instead of standing in the cold I’m going to be staying home and enjoying putting myself and my family in a food coma. That is what tradition is all about.

That's right, food comas are awesome! Ask the hamster.

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