Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Zombie Gnome

You have to admit, he's awesome!

Okay, I will be the first to admit that this blog today has nothing to do with business, on-line selling, jewelry making or drooling over fashion. Today I’ve found something that is totally awesome and worth sharing. The zombie gnome! Halloween is coming up and it is one of my favorite holidays. There is no pressure to find the perfect gift, cook a turkey or hope the weather is warm enough for a pool party.

Was hoping to stage my own zombie gnome attack

Halloween involves creative kids wearing costumes, play acting at being their favorite character and eating tons of candy. How can it get any better than that? Have a zombie gnome to put in your yard. I found these little beauties from a wholesaler who makes cool iPhone case/wallets. These innovative cases sell well because who doesn’t want to keep all their stuff, including their iPhone, together. Anyways, they said if I purchased one new product they would throw in free shipping, how could I resist?

The Walking Dead is coming soon, a zombie belt is cool

While perusing their extensive catalog I found the zombie gnome. He was so cool, Halloween is nearing and I really felt that I needed one for my yard. I was also dying to stage this little guy for a photo shoot. Just think of all the cool possibilities of having a zombie gnome and setting up pictures of a zombie gnome attack in your own yard. You could even make a little film like a scene from The Walking Dead, only with gnomes.

What's that in the bushes? A zombie gnome!

Zombies are hot items right now and those of us who are into this genre are not so patiently waiting for The Walking Dead to begin on October 13th. This little gnome is my way of keeping zombies alive until then, and yes I know zombies are actually the undead so they can’t be alive. Some of you may think I’m crazy but I think it’s cool. Besides I got free shipping and these babies are heavy. It’s a win win! 

Darryl Dixon kicks butt

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