Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds set in rose gold

Chocolate diamonds are actually a trademarked product by a company we shall not name. Now that it’s been said chocolate diamonds are brown diamonds. Brown diamonds are one of the most common colors of natural diamonds and they are certainly not rare or extremely valuable. Brown diamonds are generally used for industrial purposes. Prior to 1986 and the discovery of the Argyle diamond mine, brown diamonds were not considered for jewelry. Basically a chocolate diamond is a really good marketing program.

Chocolate diamonds can be very pretty

Diamonds come in a variety of colors. You can find green, yellow, pink and of course colorless diamonds. Scientific advances have made the production of brown diamonds more plentiful by means of irradiation and of course, synthetic manufacturing. A natural brown diamond can be made a deeper shade of brown through irradiation. A brown diamond can be manufactured in a lab using graphite and extreme heat and pressure. I saw the set up once and it is quite the procedure.

Look for unique designs

It can be said that chocolate diamonds are actually a diamond with very poor color. Like any diamond purchase you should look at cut and clarity as well as color. A diamond should be clear and of course have a good cut. A good cut can make a huge difference in the sparkle of the diamond. A diamond should also be clear regardless of color, and as to the color, even when purchasing brown diamonds make sure the diamond has uniformity of color. Each individual diamond should exhibit the same depth of color when several brown diamonds are placed next to each other in a setting.

While I believe that chocolate or brown diamonds are attractive I do not find them particularly valuable. This has made it difficult for me to personally spend what some companies want for these pieces. I guess you can say that I’m a little bit cynical when it comes to these gems. There is a lot of hype involved in the marketing of these diamonds. Some of the claims of value seem to be manufactured. Chocolate diamonds are currently a trend and trends will have their ups and downs in pricing. My advice, buy what you love and you probably can’t go to terribly wrong.

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