Friday, October 11, 2013

Types of Watch Clasps

Bracelet style watches usually have foldover link clasp

I know I’ve written about this before but it is shocking the number of people who ask questions regarding watch clasps. People actually want to know what type of clasp a watch comes with, the style and how it works. My problem, I’m not really that good at remembering the names of each type of clasp. The problem is only made worse because some clasps have two names and people don’t always use the name I might use.

A drawing of the foldover link clasp

My thing with watch clasps is security. I don’t want to have a watch fall off. I’ve had this happen with a diamond tennis bracelet and it had a security chain added after the incident. Some watch clasps are easier to manipulate. This is all a matter of dexterity. If you have fabulous fingers that can grip and twist it probably makes little difference which clasp you have on a watch. You’ll be able to close and open any style. For others it may not be so easy.

Many men's watches have a foldover snap clasp like this Timex

A foldover clasp is easy because the watch never comes completely apart. If you are trying to hold the watch on your wrist while fastening with the other it can get tricky to put the watch on your wrist. This style is also a bit more secure in that if the clasp comes undone it doesn’t completely fall off your wrist. A foldover link clasp does come apart and takes a little more effort to close. It also has the problem of falling off if the clasp should come undone. This is a common style for ladies jewelry style watches.

Kind of like this

The deployment clasp is very nice and I’ve seen this style on leather as well as metal bands. They simulate a closed buckle but are actually a metal mechanical fastener that you can’t see. When placed on a metal link band it can also be hidden from view. This gives the watch a nice finished look. Similar to the foldover link clasp, it blends well but is more secure because the watch is never fully open. Watch clasp style is all personal preference. Buy what you like and what feels good and with time you’ll get the hang of that difficult clasp, I promise.

When this is closed it looks like a plain buckle, clever

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