Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Starbucks Break

People come for the free Wi-Fi

Do you take a Starbucks break most every day? Do you start your day with a Starbucks brew? Obviously many people do because there is a Starbucks on every corner, every shopping mall and even in book stores. I will be the first to admit that I’ve developed a habit that is getting a bit expensive. Part of my love of Starbucks coffee is the fact that I have to stop work and go and get it. Once I’ve gotten my beverage I usually take the time to sit and savor it.

 Macs are popular because of the battery power

It’s my little break from working for the day. I have to answer questions, do paperwork, and handle customer service, deal with vendors, repairs, stock issues and a host of other responsibilities that can get overwhelming on a daily basis. As many self-employed people know, you rarely get a break even when you can get someone to “watch the store” for a couple of hours. You’re on 24/7 and there is rarely a person who can substitute in your place. Business owners wear a lot of hats and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by those hats this time of year.

Seriously? Don't you have an office?

So really, I need that half an hour to forty-five minutes of peace and quiet to rejuvenate myself for the rest of the day so all you Starbucks squatter, move on! I’ve found that Starbucks has only a few comfortable large chairs available. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if people were like me and bought a beverage then only occupied the chair until their beverage had been consumed. Not the case, people come and bring their knitting, paperwork, huge book, gaggle of kids and whatever else they can think of and squat in those comfortable chairs for hours. Not cool!

Not a beverage in sight

Not only are people staying all day to use the free WiFi, they are staying all day and sometimes into the night to practice a hobby or read a novel. If you owned a store and people came in and never bought anything but sat in your comfy chair for hours each day wouldn’t you say something? People use Starbucks as if it’s their personal office. I use Starbucks as it was intended, a place to get away from the office. So all you squatter out there, invest in some WiFi, it won’t kill you and at the very least consider others and leave the comfy chairs for those who are just stopping by.

 Hey, it's only fair

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