Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pocket Watch Accessories

Wouldn't you want a cool Steampunk style pocket watch?

Pocket watches are becoming more popular. There has been a resurgence in wearing and using these little timekeepers from the past. Pocket watches have been around for a long time, or at least the design has been around since the 16th century. Now that more and more people are wearing pocket watches, it is only right to have a few accessories.

Different pocket watch chains have different methods of attachment, choose the right one for you

The most common pocket watch accessory is the chain. This little piece is not only handy it is practical. Most quality pocket watches will come with a matching chain. My advice is to use it. A pocket watch chain helps to keep your pocket watch firmly attached to your vest, belt or jacket. There is nothing worse than taking a pocket watch out of your pocket and having it slip out of your hand and hit the ground.

Leather pouches keep a pocket watch handy and secure

Another accessory that helps to keep your pocket watch safe and sound is the pouch. This is an accessory, usually made of leather, which attaches to your belt. The pocket watch can slip into this leather case and keeps it handy and within reach. The nice thing about a pocket watch pouch is it keeps the pocket watch out of your pocket. A pocket filled with keys and coins is a dangerous place. Nicks and scratches can develop on the surface of a pocket watch that has to sit in a pocket full of coins.

When storing your pocket watch you can opt for a case or a stand. The stand allows you to hang your pocket watch and it is now functional as a small clock. A case is perfect for a collector who owns more than one watch. Cases keep your watches separated so they won’t bump or scratch each other and keeps them out of harm’s way. If you’re a collector a case is the way to go. If you’re a newbie to pocket watches consider the accessories, they can extend the life of your watch and besides, they’re cool.

You can hang your pocket watch out of harm's way and still keep time

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