Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Look Deeply into my Pocket Watch...

Old movies always used pocket watches for this trick

Have you ever seen that scene in a movie where the hypnotist works his magic and puts someone to sleep? They always use a pocket watch. Actually, in newer movies they use other devices but in older movies it’s a watch. Now my next question is, have you ever tried to swing a pocket watch on a chain and have it swing back and forth evenly? This is a trick in itself. Also the use of a pocket watch is probably dating the movie’s age.

This Steampunk style pocket watch has a kickstand

I’ve had the privilege of looking deeply into some pocket watches lately, and no I wasn’t being hypnotized. I’ve been examining watches for flaws and imperfections due to manufacturing. Whenever we add watches to our line we take the time to carefully look the watch over for problems. Not all watches are created equal and sometimes problems in manufacturing can happen. I like to know this before I add it to inventory in my store.

The skeleton dial is cool on this 3780-G

Pocket watches are a funny thing. I wind them up and set the time, sometimes I come back to make sure the watch is keeping accurate time, other times I get sucked into the workings of the mechanical movement. It is fascinating to watch all the little gears and springs do their job. I’ve noticed that some watches tick louder than other and I’ve also discovered that I prefer the louder ticking. I don’t know why but it has a soothing effect on my nerves.

You can open the front and back at the same time on the 3780-G

So after spending the better part of the past week staring deeply into some cool looking mechanical pocket watches I now understand the reasoning behind using them to hypnotize people. They can’t take their eyes off the internal movements. While I’ll probably never wear a pocket watch since I don’t own a vest. I can still have some fun testing pocket watches. It’s my own little Zen moment.

 This is really hard to do

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