Monday, October 14, 2013

Jewelry Discovered America

Queen Isabella had really nice jewelry

Today is Columbus Day and here in America federal offices celebrate by closing. Since the federal government is already closed in many areas we’ve grown accustom to this practice. Celebrating Columbus Day was once the day of recognition for Christopher Columbus, who against all odds found the American continent. How does jewelry play into this discovery?

Why is his head so small?

Queen Isabella was purported to fund Columbus’ expedition to find the West Indies. Legend has it or at least my grammar school history books, which are probably all inaccurate by now, Queen Isabella, used her jewelry for some of the funds. Either it didn’t cost that much to fund the trip to the West Indies or Queen Isabella had some awesome jewels. The end result was Columbus’ discovery of America not the West Indies because let’s face it, men never ask for directions.

Queen Isabella's tiara worn by Queen Eugenie of Spain

So using my convoluted and inaccurate logic, jewelry or the sale of jewelry was what produced the funds that helped Christopher Columbus sail around the world and discover a large land mass that we now call America. It really makes one think about the power of really good jewelry. So in honor of Columbus Day, I’m going to wear some awesome jewelry, you should too.

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