Thursday, October 3, 2013

If You Want to Dress Like a French Woman, Give Up Food

Elie Saab runway show, why is her thigh the same size as her calf?

I read an article the other day about dressing like a French woman. Many of us know that according to the fashion experts’ a French woman is the epitome of style. They are chic, stylish and perfectly in fashion. Now I don’t believe this is always true, everyone regardless of fashion ability has their off days, but it is a myth that we all like to believe. The pictures associated with this article showed stylish women who needed a snack. I borrowed a few so you can see what I mean.

Ines de la Fressange looks like she hasn't eaten in days

This is fashion week in Paris so everyone who is fashionable has descended upon Paris dressed to the nines. There are photos of street fashion and fashion shows. Everyone looks fabulous and creative but they also look malnourished. I was shocked at how skinny the models were and even more shocked at some of those in attendance. Either they are really good at dressing thin or they haven’t eaten any solid food in a month. They are positively skin and bones.

Rochas runway show, she looks malnourished and unhappy

Now I’m all for controlling your weight and eating healthy, when there’s nothing else available, but how can these women remain so skinny in the land of heavy cream and butter? Isn’t this the country that taught Julia Child the benefits of sauces? One has to admit that all the fashions and women who wear them look great. They are stylish in a classic way, they don’t overdo it and they never look like a caricature. Well, may a little, but I don’t think it is intentional e.g. Lady Gaga.

Caroline Sieber, that strong wind may blow her away

So my conclusion is, if I have to swear off croissants and morning buns for the rest of my life in order to dress like a French woman, I don’t want to be French. I think I’ll stick with really good quality shoes, fabulous accessories and continue to hone the art of a craftily folded and wrapped scarf. If I dress each day with intention and care that is the best I can do, I refuse to give up food, it tastes way too good. Besides a couple of extra pounds never hurt anyone.

Jean Paul Gaultier runway show, I think this model had a rib removed

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