Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shutdown Stops Spending...Yeah Right, When has that Worked?

The government is now in shutdown mode and they are reducing their spending. Supposedly the government is on a tight budget and any extra spending is over. Now I don’t know about the government but “extra” or “unnecessary” can mean a lot of things. If we examine our own budget, that’s assuming you have one, we will probably find that we spend money on a lot of things that we don’t necessarily need. 

 Charles Hubert Paris 6444, classic styling for women

While the frugal side of me says “don’t spend money” the extravagant side says “it’s not that much money.” We all have those little voices in our head that helps us make decisions about money. Sometimes those decisions are good, other times they are bad. What I’m trying to say is, “anyone can have nice things, it just depends on the things.” I read a series of articles about style. All the women were successful and all of them spent a ton of money on clothes. I don’t know about you but I don’t have the budget to buy a $700 dress.

 Fossil bracelet style watch in rose gold

The last time I spent that much for a dress I was getting married. It’s hard to spend large sums of money on a tight clothing budget. I want the most bang for my buck. Case in point, I want a Rolex watch. Now I know I don’t have the money for a Rolex, but I do have a good eye for quality. There are a lot of quality watches out there for very reasonable prices. Quartz movement has done away with accuracy as the only hallmark of quality. A quartz movement watch will always keep good time. This allows one to focus on style.

Charles Hubert Paris 6566, beautiful and traditional

Believe it or not there are quite a few brands that offer quality watches. Timex, Charles Hubert Paris, Q&Q and many department store brands, they are affordable and fashionable. Even Michael Kors and Fossil make good looking watches that won’t cost as much as your first car. A good looking accessory can take an outfit from ordinary to spectacular just make sure the accessory is quality or at least looks like it. Only the rude will ask if that watch is really a Rolex and frankly I don’t think you have to answer rude questions. 

 Q&Q ladies watch, very affordable bling

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