Monday, October 7, 2013

Free is Good if You Can Get It

The birthday cones are a bit smaller

If you’re like me you sign up for all those restaurant birthday clubs and other store clubs so you can get freebies. Who hasn’t had a free ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins on their birthday? There are plenty of buy one get one free offers from local stores. Payless Shoes runs this offer so often I’ve come to expect it when buying shoes. Recently I’ve been receiving offers for a free piece of chocolate from Godiva, unfortunately our local store in under renovation.

If you register your card you can earn free coffee drinks

Offering your customers, especially those who are repeat customers a special offer is good business. You can go to just about any jewelry store that is selling bead style charm bracelets and they are giving away a bracelet with a minimum purchase of beads. This is the perfect way to get customers hooked on those shiny little beads. The only disadvantage is if you are not prepared for every contingency.

Free bracelet with minimum purchase of beads

Case in point, Godiva has been really trying to get me to come in for that free piece of chocolate. Truthfully, I would be down there every day with that email offer in my hot little hand, but the store is closed. When I walk around the mall on my daily mall walk I pass the Godiva store with its grand façade all boarded up and a promised date sometime this month for a reopening. This is just a reminder that I’m not getting my free offer. It’s not building a good relationship between me and Godiva chocolates.

Try Payless Shoes for buy one get one free offers

This is not how you run a free offer. If you’re going to offer something for free make sure that you have the product. Always have enough in stock. Those offers of free bracelets would be meaningless if they didn’t have your size in stock. Just as Godiva has bummed me out with its offer of free truffles at a closed store, you don’t want to get someone’s hopes up only to dash them on the rocks of disappointment. This is particularly true with women and chocolate. Thanks for letting me rant.

 Payless does have cute shoes

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