Friday, October 4, 2013

Buying a Watch

Which watch is for you?

Which type of watch would suit you best? If you have a small budget, go with a quartz watch. Quartz movements are the most accurate watch movement at the most reasonable price. Since I’m not an engineer, a true explanation about how a quartz watch works may be beyond me. A simpler explanation is a quartz crystal or silicon dioxide of a specific shape and size in placed inside the watch and it oscillates when exposed to an electrical current, the battery. It creates a pulse that can accurately pace a time keeping mechanism.

 Quartz watches are accurate and diamonds are pretty

Automatic watches are cool because they need movement to wind them. This watch requires movement from the wearer, as they move the winding rotor rotates and creates a back and forth movement. The rotor which is attached to a ratchet then winds the mainspring and keeps the watch wound. Sometimes the movement of the wearer is enough to keep the watch wound, other times it requires a mechanical mechanism for winding. The plus side of an automatic watch is no batteries required and every time you wear it you are winding your watch.

Automatic watches don't need batteries

Finally there is a mechanical movement watch. This is not the most accurate watch movement on the market but it does have its charms. Mechanical watch movements require daily winding and regular maintenance. As stated before I’m no engineer but basically you wind up the mainspring and it slowly unwinds and releases energy. Mechanical watches use an escapement mechanism to control this release of energy to produce time keeping. They are some of the most romantic watches on the market due to skeleton feature that allows you to see the watch movements in action.

Mechanical watches just need winding

When purchasing a watch consider not only your personal taste but your lifestyle. If you’re constantly on the go and need accurate time keeping with a minimum of fuss, go with the quartz movement watch. If you have time to set your watch daily and don’t want to hassle with batteries, consider an automatic or maybe a mechanical watch. Many automatic and mechanical watches have exposed backs to display the workings for added interest. Nowadays there are many options for timekeeping and they aren’t just limited to the time display on your cellphone. 

Watch movement cufflinks for those who use their cellphone for timekeeping

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