Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boots are Back and Big Brother Knows You're Looking

Kenneth Cole Gurrl is one candidate

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are getting our foggy mornings back. While not a proponent of cold damp weather I do the love fact that it’s now boot weather. I have a passion for shoes, like most women, and boots are my favorites. Whenever I’m feeling down shoe shopping puts me in a better mood. Yes I know I’m sick but I can’t help it. Is there an AA program for shoeaholics?

I might be bad but not as bad as Kim Kardashian

I’ve had a lot of reasons to be down lately but I haven’t had time to actually go shoe shopping except online. I’ve had plenty of time to think about what type of boot is missing from my extensive shoe collection. This year is the year of the shorter moto boot. What is really interesting about looking for a particular type of boot online is how once you go to one shoe website an advertising sidebar now displays various boots you might like to buy. It’s like they know I’m an addict.

Rocket Dog's Deck is candidate #2

This is the age of Big Brother and every shopping move you make is recorded. Since I’m a boot junkie celebrating the return of cold weather with some boot shopping, I’m now inundated with pictures of boots from various shoe websites. It is slightly creepy how the internet knows what type of boot I’m looking for and can show me boots that I actually like. It’s as if they are inside my head and know my thoughts as I think them. They’ve figured out what I want and are showing me pictures and prices…Argh!

George Orwell knew what he was talking about

This is what George Orwell was warning us about in his book “1984.” That someday they would be able to read our thoughts and use them against us. In my particular case they are using my love of boots to try and make me spend money. The internet is tempting me and it is getting harder and harder to resist.  So when my husband asks why I bought another pair of boots I’m just going to have to tell him I’m not responsible for these purchases, it was mind control. I wonder if that will work?

Okay, so maybe resistance isn't futile but it makes a good excuse

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