Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will this Watch Fit Your Wrist?

Pocket watches always fit, The Coin Outlet

The wonderful thing about a pocket watch is size. You don’t have to wonder if it will fit your wrist. Unfortunately most wristwatches must at least go around your wrist. Generally this is not a problem as wristwatches are designed to fit an average wrist based on gender. Different manufacturers have different sizing and some cater to smaller or larger wrist sizes. The first step is to measure your wrist. If all else fails, just try on the watch.


Bracelet style watch, The Coin Outlet
The easiest wristwatch to fit is that with a leather band. These bands are similar to a leather belt buckle and are adjustable. You simply find the hole that offers the most comfortable fit and that is where you wear it. The nice thing about a leather band is no adjust is needed and as the leather stretches you can tighten accordingly. Leather does show wear at a faster pace than most metals so you will need to replace the band sooner. A leather band is generally worn tight.


Bracelet style with hard sides, David Yurman
Link wristwatches can be adjusted by removing or adding links. It is a process whereby a pin is removed and then the link comes free. It does require a few tools or at least some implements to help remove the links. Each removable link is marked with an arrow or other marking. Remember, not all links are removable so there are limitations to sizing. Some watches come with additional links to make the watch bigger but most people want to downsize.


Leather band with deployment clasp, The Coin Outlet
The tricky part about sizing a wristwatch is personal preference. It depends on whether you like your watch snug or loose. A woman’s bracelet style watch is generally worn a little loose like jewelry. A leather band watch will be worn tighter so the dial stays centered on your wrist. Bands made of metal with wider links should be tighter than a bracelet style but looser than a leather band. The dial should not swivel around or slide from side to side. While there are many ways to wear a watch it mostly comes down to what you find comfortable so experiment with different watches, it’s kind of fun and fashionable.
Metal links are adjustable The Coin Outlet

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