Thursday, September 19, 2013

When are Yoga Pants Appropriate

Black yoga pants are not offensive

I just read an article where the writer hated on yoga pants. She didn’t feel that yoga pants were appropriate attire for a trip on a plane. Other than a yoga class where can you wear these pants? I was thinking that a plane trip was perfect. Let’s face it, you’re crammed into a seat so small it requires yoga to sit in it and you’re never comfortable, just like a yoga class. With all the bending and turning that you need to do on a plane trip yoga pants are the best attire.


Celebrities in pajama pants, bet they're silk
The writer thought that yoga pants were in bad taste. She also felt that any attire that was slovenly was also in bad taste. While I would be the first to say sitting next to someone that looks like a slob isn’t fun it beats sitting next to someone who has poor hygiene. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to a college girl who smelled sweet but wore pajamas pants. I would take this seat mate over the guy who smelled like body odor but wore a pair of khakis and a dress shirt. He looked great from a far, but don’t get near him.


Navy is also a good selection
The writer believed that we need to be more aware of those around us and how wearing yoga pants can bring judgment down upon our shoulders. Her final thoughts were its okay to wear what is comfortable as long as it didn’t elicit nasty stares from the expensive Italian luggage toting suit set boarding the plane. Why should I care what someone who is stupid enough to bring expensive luggage on a plane thinks? The one and only time I brought an expensive piece of luggage on a plane it got ruined by careless people. Never again, now I bring the K-Mart special.


He may look slovenly but I bet woman would fight over the seat next to him on a plane
Plane travel is uncomfortable, dirty, tiring and an invasion of privacy, we should be allowed to wear what we want. My take is wear comfortable clothes that can be searched easily and shoes that are easy on and off. You should be aware of others who might be offended by body odor or weird smelling perfume, don’t bring oversized handbags or carry-ons that require herculean effort to get in the overhead compartment. If you get the window seat don’t drink a gallon of water right before take-off, unless of course your seat mate is wearing yoga pants and wants a work out in flight, but always ask first.
This guy not so much

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