Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wear a Pageboy Hat

Pretty standard pageboy cap

If you read my post yesterday you know that I went to the America Cup Races on Saturday. It was really fun, really windy and quite sunny for a San Francisco day. I of course forgot to bring a hat. I will be the first to admit that I am part vampire. I can’t stand or sit in the sun for very long without getting terribly sunburned. Needless to say my skin is usually pretty pale. I don’t think about this until I get somewhere and find I need a hat.


Worn by young boys during the 1900s
You would think with my bad memory I would have dozens of hats acquired over the years. Since I always forget my hat I would end up having to buy one when I got to my destination. Usually I resist this impulse and just get sunburned but this time I refused. I went to one of those tourist places that sell hats. I didn’t buy a cap with I “heart” San Francisco written on the front instead I purchased a pageboy cap. It was khaki and matched my khaki jacket and red scarf.


Became popular with women in the 1960s
Apparently after talking to my daughter these hats are quite popular. After a little research I found that these caps were popular with newspaper boys of the early 1900s. Although they were not exclusively worn by young boys they were also worn by adult men.  It was a cap that was originally associated with the lower working classes, primarily those who worked on the docks, steelworkers and shipwrights. Coincidence that this hat was sold from a shop on a pier, maybe not, maybe it was the result of some skilled marketing.


Even John Lennon wore a version
Although the style was associated with the lower classes it soon became popular with the wealthier who wore this style of cap for leisure activities. Like most fashion, it came and went and has recently made a resurgence in the past decade. You can now see women wearing this hat as well as men. Today it still remains popular and I personally kind of like my new hat. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll get another, in black, to go with some of my other outfits. It’s a very fashionable way to keep the sun off my face.

Even comes in distressed leather

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