Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Evening Bag

A booth where we can lounge is attractive...

I’ve been recently going out late in the evening. This is due to the fact that my hubby who has been very ill for the past few months is feeling better. He wants to go out and enjoy the “real world” according to him. The problem is he has turned into quite the night owl and he likes the desolation of a restaurant late at night. No people, quiet and attentive service. So we’ve been going to places with great lounges and appetizer menus in the evening.


It’s kind of fun to lounge around and people watch even when there are not many people around. It makes me feel very urbane. This has me changing up my wardrobe or rather my accessories when we go out for a quick nibble. The best outfit for this change is a pair of black slacks and a black camisole. Usually I wear a sweater during the day but it’s easy to change into a blazer when I go out the door. Since I’m only out for a short time I don’t need my usually equipment. I can take an evening bag.


Then add some cute heels...
An evening bag is easy for these quick trips out. You don’t really need more than your cell phone, credit cards, money and ID. The fun thing about an evening bag it how it can change your look quickly. For the all black slacks outfit I can put my essentials into a gold or silver evening bag and suddenly I’m all dressed up. It’s crazy how a few simple pieces of jewelry or a shiny bag can change you from day to night.


Don't forget the red lips...
Truth be told I really don’t do anything special with my make-up. I might put on some red lipstick but that’s about it. So to get yourself ready for the night consider the evening bag. There are tons of designs out there for the choosing. They make ordinary jeans and t-shirts super special by adding some bling. Just add some red lips, a classy pair of shoes and a jacket in case it gets cold and you’re ready to hit the night life, or in our case a lounge and some munchies.

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