Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shipping for an Internet Store

The item should fit the box

I’m part of a networking group that promotes internet businesses. We discuss problems and concerns that are associated with having an internet business. One of the unique problems that internet businesses have is shipping their product. There are many ways to ship a product. You can ship via Fedex, UPS or even USPS. It all depends on where the package is going and how much you want to spend.


If your items are fragile, make sure you protect them
Believe it or not USPS is my favorite way to ship. They rarely let me down, the cost is low and when they guarantee a package will be there overnight it actually arrives. Fedex let me down last Christmas with an overnight package that cost me a fortune and didn’t arrive until the day after. Made me wonder why I spent the extra money. Shipping options will vary region to region so I can’t really recommend one carrier over another. They all have their quirks and things they do well. Best advice, get to know what those quirks are and work with them.


This could have been shipped in a bubble mailer
The biggest complaint about shipping that I hear from other internet businesses is the actual packaging of the product. You would be surprised to find that most businesses don’t consider what they will use for shipping material. One woman told me she had trouble finding boxes and was tired of rummaging around grocery stores alleys. Has she ever considered buying her boxes? There are many companies that make a living providing shipping material. Boxes’, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and unique packing material is an actual business and internet sellers need to find them and use them.


This product fits the box
Do not be those people who are shipping something in a diaper box, old U-Haul cardboard box or some other unstable, unprofessional packaging. The look of your package is the first impression the buyer will see, make it a good one. A professionally packaged item in the correctly sized box with adequate packing material will not only make you look good, it will keep your product safe during shipping. Invest in professional boxes and preprinted labels, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
Believe it or not, I've seen packages like this at the post office, very unprofessional

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