Monday, September 2, 2013

Preparing to Sell on eBay


So you’ve made an account on eBay or maybe you’ve had one for quite some time. You’ve been a pretty steady buyer and now you want to sell those items that you are tired of storing in the closet. eBay is a great place to sell products whether they are used or new. By placing an ad on eBay for “auction” or “fixed price” you will be getting your item out in the market where it will be seen by potentially hundreds of buyers all over the US. This is great but first you have to prepare your ad.


Generally speaking you’re going to need a picture of the item you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be fancy just clear. You must remember that the picture is how you will show the item to the world. New items can use stock photos from the manufacturer but I like to use photos that I’ve taken myself if at all possible. Try and photograph the item from different angles and keep the background simple. While more photos maybe better, out of focus, distracting or unvarying shots may not show the item to advantage. Remember, you’re trying to entice someone into buying your item.


Figuring out a price is important. While you may have prices in mind make sure that it is reasonable. Go on-line and check current pricing on similar items. If you price it too high no one will be interested, if you price it too low you might be leaving money on the table. Generally people price items a bit high and then wonder why it didn’t sell. While you may think that your widget is the cat’s pajamas and valuable, it does have a finite monetary value in the open market. If you can’t price the item to sell, you might have too much emotional attachment and should reconsider.



Finally consider shipping. Yes it is important to consider how you will ship the item once it sells. A person put items up for sale and only after it sells they think about how and what they will use for packing. You also should figure in the price of shipping into the total cost or have it as a separate line item. All of your profit can be quickly eaten up by a heavy item that requires international shipping. So remember photos sell an item but only at the right price and be prepared for what to expect when shipping, have a box that fits. Try and keep all the variable in mind and your eBay selling experience will be profitable.

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