Monday, September 9, 2013

Mechanical Pocket Watches versus Quartz Pocket Watches

Charles Hubert 3564 Mechanical Pocket Watch

Here is the age old question, which is better for you, a mechanical pocket watch or a quartz pocket watch? Okay, it isn’t exactly an age old question but it is sometimes asked by those who would love to own a pocket watch. While these watches may look similar there are differences in care and maintenance that may not appeal to everyone. Here are a few tips and observations that I have discovered.


Charles Hubert 3816 Mechanical Pocket Watch
First off, do you like to tinker with things? The person who likes to tinker will probably enjoy a mechanical pocket watch. These pocket watches require a bit of daily care. You will need to wind daily and check and set the time. While a mechanical pocket watch does keep very good time it can begin to lose some of its accuracy after twenty-four hours as it winds down. You will need to stay on top of this if you use the watch every day.


Charles Hubert 3851 Quartz Pocket Watch
A quartz pocket watch on the other hand does not require winding. It is battery powered and unless you pull the stem to save on battery power your watch will show the perfect time every time. Quartz movement pocket watches are very accurate; every time you open the cover or look at the dial it will tell you the exact time. The only maintenance it will require is a new battery every few years.


Charles Hubert 3818 Quartz Pocket Watch
So really it is up to personal preference. Do you like to wind a watch, feel the roll of the stem between you index finger and thumb? Or do you prefer the smooth technological hum of a battery powered watch and the hands off ease? Both pocket watches provide a slight touch of the past with the unique way they are worn and the style they project. A pocket watch is not only a timepiece it’s a fashion statement, so what does your watch say about you?
Stauer Pocket Watch

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