Friday, September 27, 2013

Is Jewelry Boring? Never!


I spend a lot of my day looking at and thinking about jewelry. Some may say that it is an obsession and I should probably get professional help, but it isn’t always about jewelry. The jewelry industry is a lot of other things all crammed together. There is software, machinery, design and of course marketing. If you’ve ever been to a jewelry tradeshow you’ve experienced it all.


You have to admit, this is clever
It seems that every day I find something new. The other day while strolling through the mall I found a bead and stacking ring retailer with the most amazing display. It was out in front of the store so customers could interact without assistance from a salesperson. It had different rings of varying sizes held to the display by a strong cable. You could pull the ring away from the display and try it on, it was ingenious. Each ring had a Plexiglas clamp that kept the cable firmly attached to the ring and displayed the price.


Stacking rings
There is a marketing genius out there who knows that if a customer tries on a ring or piece of jewelry they are more likely to buy it. This display allows the customer to experience with the product without having to ask a salesperson for help. There were quite a few rings on display so you could stand and experiment for a while. The more a person plays with something the higher the chances of a purchase. Not to mention it was fun. I was able to try on two dozen rings, how cool is that?


Organic jewelry, mixed media
Jewelry will never be boring as long as smart people keep coming out with new innovations and designs. Someone invented stacking rings so we could have multiple rings on all of our fingers. Another person invented bead style charm bracelets so we could collect different color beads to fit all of our moods. People have more than one piecing in their ears so they can wear more than one pair of earrings. Jewelry will never be boring as long as there are creative people who come up with innovative ideas.
Innovative use of buttons

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