Monday, September 16, 2013

I Went to the America Cup Races

Our view from the ferry, the island in the middle is Alcatraz

I will be the first to say that I know absolutely nothing about yacht racing, but I went anyways. The America Cup Regatta is a race held every three years, I think, and this year it is being held in San Francisco California. Since it was so close I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see the race. I doubt that I would be able to travel to some far off country should the cup leave the US as it appears to be happening. The US is down right now.


The day I went was probably the most exciting day so far. Halfway during the race the New Zealand team ran into a problem and almost capsized. It was strangely fascinating to see the boat hang sideways for what seemed to be minutes and then right itself. Unfortunately the second race of the day was called due to a combination of windy conditions and an ebb tide. Neither condition I fully understand nor how it interferes with racing.


The little red sail on the horizon is New Zealand heading to the finish line shortly after almost capsizing
Due to the large crowds we left early and then took forever to find parking near the pier. We did find a great spot to watch on top of a historic ferry that was docked near Aquatic Park. It was only five dollars per person and we climbed to the top and stood near the rail to watch. While probably not as good as the people who had boats out on the bay, it still gave us a good view of the boats as they passed by our vantage point.


San Francisco is a wonderful city and it is a lot of fun once you get to your destination. It is very difficult to move around the city freely as the traffic is so bad. There are a lot of tourist during this event and quite a few of them have drifted away from the waterfront to go explore other areas such as Chinatown, Lombard Street, Nob Hill and of course, Golden Gate Park. I highly recommend coming to the city by the bay and I did have a lot of fun doing the tourist thing, I just think it’s more fun to come during the week and when something so big isn’t happening.
Cool antique cars on display inside the ferry

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