Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hats Off to Eden Miller

Eden Miller with her models

New York Fashion Week is all a buzz about Eden Miller. The reason, she is the bold designer who used plus sized models for her runway show. What is truly interesting isn’t so much the larger models but the acceptance that the fashion world seems to have with her innovative approach and how the designs are presented. Let’s face it, designer fashion isn’t really accepting of other body types.


Love the colors
For eons super thin, super tall and featureless bodies have been the norm on the runway. These human coat hangers show the clothes not the person under them. While this makes sense from a design point of view, why not show the clothes to their best advantage, it doesn’t do much for the rest of us. Not everyone is a plus size model but there are a lot more of us with larger than stick model bodies running around out there. Where are the clothes for the rest of us?


Wear a bold print
Eden Miller celebrates style by using bold colors, patterns and florals. She doesn’t hide the larger body behind muted colors and textures. Gone are the black slacks, skirts and blouses that we usually associate with larger women. I remember a time when my Aunt had gained a lot of weight and refused to wear anything but black knit pants with a black tunic. Her entire wardrobe consisted of these items. It was as if she was punishing herself for gaining a few pounds. Eden Miller does the exact opposite.


She looks awesome!
I’ve always been a firm believer in dressing the body you have right now. What makes this show so outstanding is that the same philosophy is applied without shame. Eden Miller has opened the door and showed the world that other body types do exist and that those body types are actually a majority of the world. So I’m here to say congratulations to Eden Miller for her success at New York Fashion Week and it’s about time that clothes worn by real women and designed by real women have finally gotten the recognition they deserve.
Super cute dress

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