Monday, September 23, 2013

Dresses at the Emmys

Sarah Silverman looks great in her $60 on-line find

It is amazing what some actresses spend when attending the Emmy Awards. Some spend a small fortune and other just wear something they found on-line. Sarah Silverman who isn’t actually known for her savvy fashion sense looked stunning in a simple little black dress that she later claims to have been purchased on-line. Wish she would tell us which on-line retailer has that dress; this is probably something the retailer would love for her to blurt out also.


Wow what a dress Sofia Vergara!
Sofia Vergara wins the award for slinkiest red dress, but in reality you could put a potato sack on this woman and with her curves it would become the sexiest potato sack in history. She also jazzed up her dress with $7 million dollars’ worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Not sure I can say that the jewelry added anything to her dress but I will admit that those earrings are to die for!


Paula Abdul looks underwhelmed
Some of the actresses hitting the red carpet looked underwhelmed. I don’t know if it’s the photographer but there is a shot of both Julianne Hough and Paula Abdul and they both look like they would rather be at the dentist having a root canal. There are some stars who cleaned up really well. Mayim Bialik was the complete opposite of her character on The Big Bang Theory in a stunning green gown by Pamella Roland.


Mayim Bialik in Pamella Roland looks awesome, you go Amy!
Overall it’s fun to see the pictures the next day of all the stars and what they wore. It’s kind of like the prom but with famous people. We get to see all the hits and misses. Most of the stars are graded from A through F on how they pulled off a dress. Some are deserved and others aren’t, just can’t figure out why someone was a D when they looked pretty good. Oh well, this is what the media does, it grades what the stars wear to parties and out and about. Glad I’m not a star, no one cares what I wear at all.
Jane Lynch in Badgley Mischka looks great and super comfortable

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