Friday, September 20, 2013

Accessories for Fall

This hat looks like a Wizard of Oz costume

While I would be the first to love a new accessory nothing has really peaked my interest for Fall. In fact it has been rather blasé and nothing was talked about and declared super special. The small bits and pieces I’ve seen almost border on the ridiculous and most are completely un-wearable. This happens every now and again, fashion hits a slump and I think we’re heading that way this season.


This sits odd on the model, unflattering
As much as I love jewelry nothing has been special, unique or “to die for” this season. Most of what I see is either more of the same or unattractive. Those pieces that are unattractive walking down the runway on a fashion model maybe high end but not investment pieces, I would suggest waiting a season then purchasing a similar piece from the costume jewelry department. The ever popular statement necklace and matching bracelet is still in fashion, go with something made with crystals to save money.


I can't figure out what this statement necklace is trying to say
Scarves are in style and probably will never go out of style. If you own a lot of scarves and want to mix things up maybe this is the season to invest in some silk. If you’ve had your eye on a designer scarf and have always coveted a classic, splurge a little. While there doesn’t seem to be anything new on the scarf front, they are a fabulous accessory for adding a little color to the subdued colors of fall and coming winter. A bright scarf makes those subtle greys light up.


Go with a classic silk scarf, you can't lose
Shoes have been a big disappointment this season. Shoes have been comical in their shapes and function. Peep toe booties are a fair example of weird. Shoes that are so boxy and flat that they resemble flippers are not only unattractive; they’re an added expense for a silly fad. My suggestion, invest in good classic leather shoes, pumps, boots, loafers and ballet flats. If you already own these staples then consider it a reprieve from spending money on shoes. Maybe everybody doesn’t feel as I do about the new fashions, if you don’t you’re probably more avant garde than me.
Stay away from the nurse/granny platform shoe


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