Thursday, September 5, 2013

118 Carat Diamond Hits the Market

118 Carat Diamond for auction October 7th in Hong Kong

I only need one and then I can retire a happy girl. According to the media a 118 carat D flawless white diamond that is the size of a small egg, is going to be auctioned in Hong Kong on October 7th by Sotheby’s. It started its life as a 299 carat rough in South Africa back in 2011. What is amazing is how large it started and much was cut away to achieve the perfection that exists today.


They expect it will sell in the range of $28 million to $35 million and after you spend all that cash you get to name it. Whoever buys it will probably name it something boring using the origin of its location or maybe even using their own name. I guess if you spend $28 million plus you have a right to name the diamond after yourself. It would be funny to name it “Mega Diamond” or maybe “My Retirement Plan.” I guess these wouldn’t be classy enough.


Look, if I had two they would make awesome earrings!
The diamond is currently unset which means the buyer can also set it anyway they pleased. That will be the most interesting part. It is such a huge diamond and its size will dictate how it can be set in a piece of jewelry. I’m thinking maybe a crown or tiara would be appropriate for a diamond of this size and caliber. I mean, its 118 carats, would anyone think it was weird to wear a 118 carat diamond in a crown? Probably not since the size would make people gasp anyways. It’s not like you can be inconspicuous when wearing this thing no matter how it is set.


While there will be other diamonds of note for auction on October 7th, this is the diamond that is creating the most buzz. Unfortunately for all those others you will just be a footnote when you are sold, no matter how brilliant you really appear. Those other diamonds are going to feel like they won the Miss Congeniality award at a beauty pageant. Take heart you 7.6 carat flawless vivid blue diamond, at least your size will make a lovelier piece of jewelry that might actually get worn. Your overweight cousin may get the attention but it will never be able to blend into a crowd.
I want's so sparkly...

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