Friday, August 9, 2013

Women's Watches have Variety

Identical men's and woman's watches

Women’s watches seem to take a back seat to men’s watches. This could possibly be because watches are the big ticket item in men’s accessories. Men have a limited selection of accessories and jewelry that they wear on a daily basis so a watch is super important. While women may wear a watch every day it doesn’t always follow that it will be the most expensive or treasured piece of jewelry she will wear that day.


My everyday watch, Movado Amorosa
Since women have a larger selection of potential pieces to wear each day watches do not get the attention they probably deserve. I know that I wear a watch daily and don’t leave the house without my timekeeper; I just have other pieces that are more eye-catching. One would think that something that we wear every day would have a place of importance and would be something we spend a lot of money to own. I spent a third of my day in bed so my mattress is a good one. I wear my watch fifty percent of every day you would think I would spend a fortune on it.


My favorite watch, David Yurman Diamond Chelsea
This might be our own fault in that we love to wear jewelry to match our outfits. The advent of the quartz watch has made the ability to have accurate time on our wrist secondary to our whim for fashion. You can now purchase a relatively inexpensive watch that will keep perfect time. Since this is possible why not purchase an abundance of watches to fit your moods and the clothes you are wearing that day?


A fun watch, Michael Kors ceramic band watch
Gone are the day when a woman’s watch was simply a smaller version of a man’s watch. Many designers are making watches that will appeal to a woman’s sense of fashion. There are a larger variety of styles available in mixed metals and materials. Flashy colors and everything from crystals to ceramic adorn watches today. It’s gotten easier to indulge our fashion wishes when it comes to watches. While I’m not knocking a Rolex you can still look fashion forward and save a bundle with the right Timex.
This watch by Guess is just cool


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