Monday, August 19, 2013

Wearing a Leather Jacket

A classic motorcycle jacket, Wilson Leather

While this isn’t the time of year to wear a leather jacket chances are you have one in the closet just waiting for a slight turn in the weather. Leather can be tricky. It is a delicate balance of tough versus ladylike. I have a decided liking for leather jackets so I have a hard time finding an outfit where it wouldn’t be appropriate. I think I once wore leather to a job interview. I didn’t get the job…


Leather jackets pair easily with jeans
A leather jacket that is hot right now is the cropped motorcycle jacket. It’s a good length for wearing with a variety of different clothing pieces. It’s a natural for wearing with jeans but you don’t want to limit yourself. It’s also cute with a tunic and some leggings. You can transition it from late summer to fall by switching those heeled sandals with a pair of leather boots, but these aren’t the tricky pieces. Jeans and leggings are an easy match with a leather jacket. If the color is light you can get away with wearing a leather jacket on cooler evenings during the summer. The lighter color makes it seem light weight.


Go lighter, Wilson Leather
Things get a little trickier when you try and pair a leather jacket with a dress. Any summery dress that you would naturally pair with a jean jacket is probably okay. It isn’t too far out of the realm of the usual so it’s a good match. When you try and pair a leather jacket with a more business like dress, it can look casual, but not in a good way. When wearing a leather jacket with a sheath dress keep it simple. Conservative pumps, a simple belt, not too many bangles, stud earrings and maybe a string of pearls. Match that conservative lady with the wild biker.


Wear it to the office with a sheath dress
Some people like to wear their leather jacket with everything. While I agree that it is a versatile piece I still can’t fathom wearing a leather jacket with an evening gown. I’ve also heard suggestions of wearing a diamond choker with a leather jacket. While this seems odd, you would have to keep everything else very conservative. I guess I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the super elegant next to the tough biker. Diamond might be a slight step too far. Any way you slice it a leather jacket is a hot piece and transitions well from later summer to fall and beyond. Now is the time to pick one up while the weather is still hot so go shopping.

Pair it with a feminine floral

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