Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Ballet Flat

Lace patterned in black is elegant

I’ve found that the most versatile shoe in my arsenal is the popular ballet flat. It is comfortable, attractive and can be worn with slacks as well as skirts. Since a majority of my time is spent in front of a computer or out running errands, this is the shoe for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of heels, I just can’t wear them all day and who wants to change their shoes halfway through the day?


Navy strips are perfect for summer
The nice thing about ballet flats is the popularity of the style has spawned numerous designs. The ever popular leather has been infused with color, cutouts and patterns. There are cloth ballet flats, suede and even plastic. Although I’m not digging the idea of plastic material for shoes. Shoe manufacturers are making the interiors of this style more supportive and some are even adding plush linings such as fleece. Now who can turn down a fleece lined ballet flat?


Who doesn't love Burberry?
The infusion of bright colors has me most intrigued. I receive regular emails from various shoe retailers. Apparently I buy enough shoes that they find it beneficial to keep me informed on the latest styles. The most recent emails had a classic ballet flat with no ornamentation made of suede but in beautiful colors. It was described as the transition shoe. Take it from late summer to early fall and I have to admit I was hooked.


Red suede is awesome
The suede gave the shoe a lush appearance and who wouldn’t want a suede ballet flat in hunter’s green or deep wine? I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes in a bright color and why not a ballet flat, it isn’t overwhelming or eye-catching. It’s a simple shoe that would look awesome every day. I can actually see myself wearing an all-black outfit with wine colored suede ballet flats. Guess whose going shoe shopping today?
Who can resist bright blueberry suede?

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