Friday, August 23, 2013

Styling a Menswear Watch

Simple clothes and a large watch, perfect

Yesterday I wrote about the Fisherman Sweater but I really didn’t delve into accessories. Since the sweater is such a big thing, it’s hard to talk about those items that go with it successfully. One item that works really well is the oversized menswear style watch. Several designers have watches that fit this criterion. An oversized dial and wide strap make it look as if you borrowed your guy’s watch.


Women have borrowed from guy’s style wise for quite some time. The boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer and of course the androgynous look of trousers with vests, think Annie Hall. For those of us who just want a touch of menswear think watches. Even though these watches are larger they are still styled to fit a woman’s wrist. While an actual man’s watch will fit the bill it might not size down to fit every woman’s wrist. I would be the exception with my larger than normal wrist.


Can't go wrong with Armani
The trick with this watch is to get the overall style correct. This isn’t a dainty watch so wearing it with a floral sundress might look a little off. Go for simple lines, a leather skirt and a cashmere sweater, a pair of jeans, menswear button-down skirt and boyfriend blazer all look great with an oversized watch. You want to wear clothes that are tailored, classic and simple. This isn't the time to bring out the bling. Remember, the watch will naturally stand out and take center stage on your wrist; you don’t want a lot of different styles and jewelry competing for attention. Keep your handbag simple also, leather is best.


Go with a leather strap, Panerai Luminor
I’m lucky in that I have a slightly larger wrist so I can wear a men’s watch with a few links removed. If you are like me you can wear a larger watch without having to look too far. A men’s watch with a leather band makes a nice substitute for those smaller ladies watches and you don’t have to have the band sized. Anyone can wear a watch and the right watch can make an outfit sing. Just keep it simple, go classic and you can’t miss. Menswear is hot for fall so join in the fun, you can beg borrow, or if necessary, steal that watch from your guy, or better yet, go buy one of your own.
Fossil is affordable and stylish

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