Friday, August 30, 2013

So What's All the Hubbub About eBay?


Like a lot of people you probably have some stuff you want to get rid of but it’s too valuable to simply give it away, or maybe you want to start an internet business but it is too complicated to develop a standalone website. You could always go to or but Amazon has closed quite a few of its categories and unless your item is handcrafted or vintage you won’t meet Etsy’s requirements. May I suggest eBay.


eBay allows a seller to place ads for new as well as used goods. They do not have any categories that are closed so you can pretty much sell anything from Grandma’s china to that expensive evening gown you only wore once. You can even sell reconditioned electronics as well as new products ranging from toys to health and beauty products and more. Last I checked you can’t sell your kidneys or Nazi memorabilia. Don’t think these items are going to be a problem for most people.


If you’re not familiar with eBay I suggest you go to their website and crawl around. Put a topic into their search and see what comes up. Check out what other people are selling and how much they are selling those items for; remember to keep an open mind. In all honesty sometimes our own concept of the value of an item differs from what you can sell it for on the open market. While you may believe that teacup is super valuable, it might sell for substantially less than you anticipated.


Starting off as an eBay buyer is the easiest way to begin. Open an account and make a purchase. It doesn’t have to be big. I’ve bought watch batteries, printer labels and an assortment of other miscellaneous do-dads. As you familiarize yourself with the purchasing aspects of eBay you can then think about placing an item up for sale. It’s easy but does require some preparation and I will discuss some of the steps on Monday. Until then have some fun browsing the world’s largest flea market, rummage sale and retail store all wrapped up in one.

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