Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pocket Watch Care & Handling

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We sell a lot of pocket watches. Some are really cool with a skeleton style face and most are mechanical. Whenever I test a pocket watch I find it fascinating to watch the internal gears spring into action. I sometimes find myself watching the time pass and tick away. This is probably the biggest attraction for a pocket watch; you can actually sit and watch time pass in your hand. Unfortunately, time doesn’t always continue to pass when someone abuses (unintentionally) a pocket watch.


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A mechanical pocket watch can be a delicate timepiece and must be treated with care. One of the top problems with a mechanical pocket watch is over winding. A watch should only be wound 30-40 half turns for a full wind. It won’t keep time longer if you wind it some more. It is designed to need a finite number of turns for a full wind and more than that can damage the internal workings of the watch. Believe me I’ve seen the damage, never over wind.


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The next most common abuse of a pocket watch is the cover. If you watch an old movie you’ll see the train conductor checking his pocket watch for the time and then he snaps the cover shut and proceeds to call “All Aboard.” This is not how you close a pocket watch. You should always depress the release button as you close the cover. Snapping the cover shut will prematurely wear out the clip that holds the cover shut and eventually it will loosen then fail.


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Finally wipe your pocket watch down at the end of the day. Sterling silver is notorious for tarnishing but a gold plated watch can also tarnish. Gold does not tarnish but the brass or other metal under the plating can oxidize and eventually cause problems. It is always a good idea to use a soft cloth and gently wipe fingerprints and other debris from the surface of the watch before you store it away. A pocket watch is a lovely combination of technology and nostalgia. By keeping a few simple concepts in mind your pocket watch will last for generations.
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