Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

Phillip Lim at work

As many of you know, Phillip Lim has collaborated with Target to bring beautiful yet affordable clothes to the masses. While I think this is an awesome idea I don’t hold out much hope that I will get any pieces. Target is becoming known for its collaborations with designers but due to pricing the debuts cause mass hysteria. There are tales of people throwing entire racks of clothing into a cart when Target debuted Missoni. People bought huge quantities disregarding size or color. These people were obviously buying for resale.


The pieces even have their own hangers
For those that are interested in camping out in front of a Target store the debut is slated for September 15th. I will forgo this little camping trip no matter how much I adore this collection. It’s just not my speed. I wish it was as there are a lot of pieces that are really wonderful. I’ve looked through his collection and love the pants, jackets and of course, handbags. Who wouldn’t want to own some of these pieces?


Some of the collection
It’s a wonderful collection and according to Phillip Lim himself it took about five years to pull everything together. It wasn’t easy and he was reluctant at first, Target is a conglomerate and volume is their thing, but we’re all glad that he took the plunge and turned out a collection. These clothes, everything from underwear to dresses to outerwear are affordable and lovable. There are a lot of everyday wearable pieces.


Phillip Lim for Target sketch
I’m sure the store will look like a cyclone hit it on September 16th and there will be nothing left by the end of the week. Although there will probably be items for resale on EBay the following week. It’s a little disheartening and I wish that Target would produce these items all year round or until the demand abated. We all would like some Phillip Lim in our lives and most of us can’t afford it. Target is giving us a chance but it is way too slim. Here’s hoping that Target produces enough for everyone and I get my shot at a piece or two.
Love this look

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