Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NFL Handbag Policy

These bags aren't allowed

The NFL has instituted a new handbag or large backpack policy. It basically doesn’t allow these bags into stadiums at NFL games anymore. You are however allowed a clear bag that measures 12” x 6” x 12” or one clear resealable Ziploc bag…really? Women all over the country are already protesting this new policy and I can’t blame them. Now this is the catch, most stadiums will be selling these new policy approved bags in their gift shops. Can we spell “Rip-Off.”

Maybe a clutch if it's not too big

The NFL has implemented this policy in the name of security. Well last time I checked when you go into any stadium for any event they have someone at the gate that checks the contents of your bag. I’ve been to a number of Sharks games, concerts and other large venue events and there is always someone that makes me open my purse and quickly rummages around inside. If you’re wearing a heavy coat they have you open it or take it off. Isn’t this enough?


Cute, but it might be considered a weapon
A handbag is a very important accessory to most women. While men empty their pockets every night few women empty their handbags. My handbag is placed on a low bookcase in my office when I’m home. I actually have two handbags sitting there in case I want to change to the other. Handbags are a fashion statement, they also carry our lives. While a handbag can be on display I wouldn’t want the contents to be seen by every person around me. Some things are better left unseen.


Super cute and quite compact
The NFL may think this will just blow over but those female fans might not let this one go. While we may be able to get by with a small evening clutch for a few hours, sitting in the stands for the same amount of time needs a few more supplies. Let’s face it the NFL policy was made by a bunch of men. If these guys actually thought about it for a minute they would realize that it’s their wife who is carrying their extra stuff in her purse. So if you take away our handbags guess who has to carry their own crap.
OMG! It's just a handbag officer!


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