Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Miley Cyrus Sexy?

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

Unless you’ve been under a rock the topic of conversation around the water cooler is Miley Cyrus’s inappropriate performance at the VMAs. Everyone is talking about it from Brooke Shields who played Hannah Montana’s mom to Robin Thicke’s own mother. The latter proclaimed she can’t unsee this performance, but I’m sure she wishes she could. There are many who thought the performance was over the top, inappropriate and an exploitation of young women. What it really does is beg the question “is this sexy?”


While there are obvious elements of sexy, Miley’s make up and shiny nude colored bikini, there are elements of getting it wrong. Without a doubt Miley had the makeup right. Red lips and thick lashes will not only make any woman feel sexy but look sexy also. All she needs is a come hither stare and maybe a wink. Unfortunately Miley decided that sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth in what looked like an attempt to lick her eyeballs like a gecko was sexy. It wasn’t sexy it was weird.


She would look so good if she just put her tongue back in her mouth
Another element Miley got right was the nude vinyl bikini. She is young and lithe and should show off her body, especially during performances. It was the thick soled white stompers she wore on her feet that threw it off. Adult sexy is heels, this was an uncoordinated and gangly attempts at sexy is tennis shoes. While I understand that she didn’t want to take a tumble a la Beyonce or J. Lo the tennis shoes just made her look like an unskilled striper without a pole. She stomped across the stage rather than skipped and the shoes were very unflattering. It made her look like she was wearing flippers.


She looks like she just stepped in something based on her facial expression
Looking sexy and acting sexy is tough. Miley is young and her concept of sexy might not always be in tune or appropriate. She’s probably going to get it wrong more often than get it right. Sexy is not vulgar for vulgarities sake. It’s emphasizing the femininity of a woman. Women are different from men and this is what makes us sexy. It may not be the shortest skirt in the room but it is certainly the most confident women no matter what she wears. Gypsy Rose Lee was a stripper and a lady. She enticed while taking her clothes off, she never had to resort to sticking out her tongue or simulating sex to get a guy’s attention. Ladylike can be sexy. If Miley wore a pair of heels and just smiled and winked she would have seemed a lot sexier and way more appropriate. Give it a try next time Miley.
The look of confidence is sexy, no weird facial expressions or gestured required

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