Monday, August 12, 2013

Diamonds as Investments, Get Over It!

Diamond earrings will last a lifetime

I read an interesting article yesterday written by Rohin Dahr originally published by titled “Diamonds are Bullshit.” In this article Mr. Dahr goes on to claim that diamonds are not an investment, they lose much of their value and guys are simply “tricked” into purchasing a diamond engagement ring. If Mr. Dahr is married I would be surprised and if he is he must have a very tolerant wife. I would like to take the opportunity for a slight rebuttal to his comments.


Could be worse, she could want matching tattoos
First off, I agree, diamonds are not investments. Anyone who believes that buying a diamond engagement ring is an investment is an idiot. Let’s face it; you’re never going to sell it anyways.  Diamonds are only an investment if you are considering that you are investing in your relationship. Secondly, who said no woman wants a diamond? Diamonds are pretty, durable and have a massive amount of sparkle. I have yet to meet a woman who didn’t want a diamond of some sort, whether a ring or earrings.  Any woman who says she doesn’t want a diamond is either lying or just doesn’t like jewelry, and no we all haven’t been brainwashed by advertising agencies, we just like diamonds.


A diamond engagement ring may seem frivolous but it's pretty
Mr. Dahr believes that men have been bamboozled into buying diamond engagement rings for the women in their life because of ad campaigns that equate a man’s worth with the size of the engagement ring. I hate to explain it in such blunt terms but this is totally wrong. Women do not say yes or no based on the size of the ring. If they do, I say run! We do however appreciate the huge gesture that is made by spending money in such an illogical fashion. I find it extremely endearing when my husband makes an entirely impractical decision solely to make me happy. Believe it or not, sometimes just letting me do it is enough; we don’t have to make the extravagant purchase.


Think of all the things we do for you
This is what makes a diamond engagement ring or any piece of diamond jewelry important. Money that could go towards an investment is instead spent to make someone happy. It has no intrinsic value in the used market because that isn’t the idea. The idea is doing something for someone else, especially something that one may find uncomfortable or goes against their financial plans. Women will sometimes explain that a diamond is an investment but this is only to appeal to your tightwad side and maybe get you to loosen the purse strings. I think Mr. Dahr has recently been diamond shopping with his significant other. My advice, just give in, you can always use this one frivolous moment for years to come and that’s a good investment.
Some wives deserve diamonds


  1. Along with the positive aspects there comes the negative points as well. People do admire diamond but there also exist people who think that the diamonds are worthless. Everyone have their own criterion to judge the things.

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