Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

Michael Kors Hamilton tote

Some are going back to school today and some have already experienced a week of torture. For the older student going back to school usually requires some preparation. Getting your books and then figuring out that you have two classes back to back at opposite ends of campus. While some will say this isn’t a problem, they obviously haven’t walked some of the larger UCs near here. I went back to school as an adult and walking from one end of campus to the other within a limited time frame wasn’t my forte.


Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote
This is when you find out that the cute outfit you picked out that morning is not perfect when you’re power walking. When I first started I carried a separate purse and book bag. This just became extra stuff that got really heavy the farther I had to walk. I learned really quickly that a large shopper with a relatively short strap worked great as a book bag, a place for my wallet and also what I needed to make it through class. Go with leather and you can use it for years. You also don’t want to leave your valuables in your car. Colleges are notorious for break-ins. Stow any extras in your trunk.


This classic wool blazer feels so collegiate
I also found that a heavy sweater, while super cute became a sauna suit by the time I got to my next class. Dress in layers just like you’re going on a hike. After hiking across campus I was usually hot but you will cool down in class and probably find out at some point that the air conditioning in turned on full blast. That’s when the jacket you stuffed in your shopper comes in handy. I find there are two types of classrooms, those that are freezing and those that are sweltering, never a middle ground. It is prudent to dress for all contingencies.


While they may not be super attractive Skechers GOWalk are kind on your feet
So remember to have a large shopper to carry your books and computer. Dress in layers for that hike across campus. Don’t forget to wear a watch since most of the clocks on campus don’t work. Carry quarters for the vending machine in case you get hungry and if possible don’t schedule back to back classes. Most student unions have some place to get some reading done or a snack while you wait for your next class. I’ve also seen students sleeping in the library, hey it’s quiet! Have fun this year and welcome back.

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