Thursday, July 18, 2013

Would You Go Braless?

Jennifer Aniston makes this look good

Since the weather is turning super-hot I’m sure there are a lot of uncomfortable women out there. We’ve already dumped the pantyhose in favor of bare legs and sandals, but have you ever considered going braless? Depending on your age this probably isn’t a relevant question. After a certain age no matter what the temperature outside may be, you wouldn’t dare leave the house without one.


Not sure if Gwyneth Paltrow should have skipped the bra
I’m sure for the younger less endowed crowd you might be brave enough to go out in public without a bra but it’s not going to happen with me. In fact I’ve seen quite a few celebrities that probably should have taken that advice. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow and her poor choice of undergarments? Even the best bodies can look a little odd without the right bra. Although celebrities do get an out because they are trying to accommodate evening wear.


Haley Berry went short and braless
As dresses get more and more daring we’re seeing a lot more of the celebrity crowd going braless for fashion sake. Plunging necklines and backless styles would look horrible with a bra strap cutting across the design, but do these celebrities really go completely braless, I don’t think so. New material and engineering have produced bras that can hold it all together without straps. Glue on bras, strapless and backless is now possible. You get your support without any visuals.


This dress isn't as flattering on Anne Hathaway as it could be...
While some women may opt to go braless, there really isn’t any reason to go completely au natural. Camisoles with built in bras, form fitting crop tops, and even those stretchy bras without all the underwire gear can substitute for a bra on a super-hot day. Places you will always wear a bra no matter the weather, your office, weddings, church and anything that involves public speaking. Sometimes there are no substitutions.
An engineering marvel, the backless bra


  1. These women can go bra-less because they have no body fat or breasts to hold up!! LOL I only go bra-less around the house, I don't want to subject anyone to that! :)

  2. Wow I just loved the hair styles of the little angels you have shown in the pictures; I like the different ponytail styles in this blog.Thanks