Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Came First, the Model or the Clothes?

Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy

I will be the first to admit that I sometimes have a problem with fashion. I love a lot of looks and I see things in print ads and featured in magazines and I love it. Then I think about it. What would this look like on me? Will I look as sleek and smooth as the model in the ad or will I just look silly? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what will look good on our own bodies since models aren’t actual depictions of real life.


Loulou de la Falaise
You always hear about some model who was the muse for some fashion designer. They gathered their inspirations from this person and hence the beautiful clothes. Since the muse was the inspiration it stands to reason that the clothes look great because they were made to flatter that particular body, how can it not? Any figure flaws would be covered up and only the best would be emphasized.


Loulou de la Falaise bangle
Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn and created the little black dress. Loulou de la Falaise designed jewelry with Yves Saint Laurent back in 1972 after she served as inspiration for his fashion designs. Even the iconic Birkin handbag was inspired by the model Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London when the contents of her bag spilled on the floor in front of Jean-Louis Dumas, creative director of Hermes.


Jane Birkin
Granted many of those who are muses look really good anyways. You could dress them in a burlap bag and they’d still wow the audience. Their sense of style is what is shining through and the clothes are just a reflection of their inner elegance. I still wonder and have to ask, do the clothes look good because of the model or is that designer really that great? The world may never know.
The iconic handbag

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