Monday, July 29, 2013

Viking Jewelry

A beautiful gold brooch with inlay

No I’m not talking about jewelry with Vikings as a theme, this is actual jewelry discovered in Denmark and was worn by Vikings. Apparently even a Viking chick loves her bling. The discovery illustrates how even Viking culture placed value on adornments made from gold and gemstones. The jewelry dates from the late 7th to the early 11th century.


A pendant with intricate designs
The jewelry was an unexpected find in this mostly agricultural area. Apparently jewelry of this quality was generally worn by the Viking elite. It is associated with royalty and those in the ruling class. The researchers have discovered that the area may has links to the first royal seat of the first Danish Dynasty known as the Scyldings. These royal members were famous enough to be mentioned in the poem “Beowulf.” Now that’s cool.


Close up of workmanship on pendant
The jewelry discovered is quite intricate. You have to remember that this is end of the Iron Age and jewelry making was very difficult. While there were many craftsmen, jewelry was not as easily made as today and most metals and gems were a considerable luxury only afforded by the very wealthy. It wasn’t easy to make a copper or gold pendant and the example shown is intricate in its workmanship.


Lattice work design
It is fascinating to see these ancient examples of jewelry. Every culture has its own concept of beautiful design and artistic expression. A creative soul probably spent hours crafting these pieces and felt quite honored to have them worn by some lovely lady or gent. It also goes to show that jewelry is always in style, no matter what the era.
Beautiful handcrafted jewelry

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