Friday, July 5, 2013

T-Shirts are made for Summer

Chanel makes a t-shirt

I woke up this morning to a cooling trend. It wasn’t 75 degrees by 8am which is always a bonus. We’ve had triple digit heat for about the past week or so and I think that is about all I can handle. Even though I have air conditioning my house and office get stuffy after a while. So now that things are cooling down I can go back to my usual outfits.

 My favorite look, t-shirt and a cardigan

I will be the first to admit that I’m a t-shirt gal. I have an abundance of these shirts in all different colors and styles. From the standard white t-shirt with cap sleeves to sleeveless varieties with scoop neck or v-neck I love to wear a t-shirt. They really are quite versatile as I’ve worn then with jeans, slacks and even skirts.


A cute look
When the weather is super-hot I wear a lot of cotton sleeveless shirts. They don’t need a sweater or jacket to dress them up as they all have collars. The only problem with these shirts is they usually need ironing before I can wear them and that’s a hot job. I do have moments when I want to look professional and a collared shirt works better than a t-shirt without my ever present cardigan.


Still looking for this shirt but with short sleeves
Now that the weather is cooling I’m going back to my t-shirt and cardigan look. Maybe I’ll wear a pair of slacks that are rolled up at the ankle. Love this look with oxford shoes. Any way you slice it I’m just glad that the weather is cooling. Not that I don’t appreciate a warm summer day, it’s just I’d rather have warm than hot. A cooling trend and BART strike ended, looks like it’s going to be a good weekend.
Colorful cardigans are for summer

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