Thursday, July 11, 2013

Storing Your Jewelry

Not the best way to store jewelry at night

Doing something as simple as storing your jewelry pieces correctly can greatly extend the life of your precious baubles and keep them from wearing out prematurely. When you spend a lot on a piece you want it to last as long as possible, you also want it to look good as long as possible. Major jewelry pieces usually require major money and a major decision. Care is required to keep these pieces in good condition.


First off, jewelry is notorious for scratching one another. It’s as if they don’t like each other and are trying to damage each other intentionally. Don’t let them comingle and they will have less of a chance to beat each other up. Throwing your jewelry in a dish on your dresser is not good. The pieces will rub up against each other and scratch the surface of the metal. We all have pieces we wear every day and a few that are worn once a week and we want these pieces within easy reach.


While small, its design is great for storing frequently worn jewelry nearby
It’s better to have a soft cloth on your dresser and lay each piece out to keep them from touching each other. I do this every night when I take off my frequently worn pieces. Another method to keep frequently worn pieces from being abused in keep a small travel jewelry container on your dresser. You can put each piece away and keep less frequently wore pieces within easy reach if you want to mix things up.


If you have pearls store them individually in soft cloth bags if you have more than one piece stored in the same box. This keeps them from hitting one another. While the boxes that the pieces came in are bulky nothing is better for storing your jewelry. Each piece has its own box and can’t bump up against another piece and damage it. Expensive infrequently worn pieces should always be stored in the original box. Tomorrow I’ll discuss creative jewelry storage for inexpensive pieces.
The more expensive the piece the more likely it should be in its original box

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