Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skincare for Your Hands

Your hands do a lot everyday

I guess I’m on a hands kick this week. I was cruising the internet for pictures of awesome nail art and found more than I could use. Some people spend a lot of time on their hands. Elaborate manicures that are eye catching are only part of the equation. Taking care of your hands and in particular, the skin on your hands is also important. That’s why items such as sunscreen, hand scrubs and moisturizers are critical.


Hand washing can be rough on our skin
We use our hands for everything. We wash dishes, the car, ourselves, we garden, paint and make jewelry and crafts, all with our hands. Subsequently they can end up taking a lot of abuse. During the summer we are more likely to be outdoors exposing our hands to the sun, digging in the dirt and generally abusing the skin on our hands. After you're done working hard taking care of our hands is important to keep them looking good. Don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re outside or gloves when gardening.


Don't forget the gloves when gardening
I wash my hands a lot during the day and I’m sure there are a lot of professions that also subject their hands to frequent washings, nurses for example. Your hands can end up dried out and will eventually crack or split if not properly moisturized. If you moisturize your hands directly after washing you can lock in some of the moisture from the water. An excellent hand lotion is Avon’s Silcone Glove; it is non-greasy and has staying power.


Avon's Silicone Glove is awesome
You should also exfoliate the skin on your hands. Mary Kay’s Satin Hands has three parts but the hand scrub can be used at any time. If I’ve been working in the yard it’s great for removing dirt and smoothing the skin on your hands. I also use it at bedtime and really slather on the hand softener, even though this isn’t the proper procedure. You will be shocked at how soft your hands are when you wake up in the morning. Remember to take care of your hands; they do a lot for you every day.
Satin Hands by Mary Kay

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