Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jewelry at the Beach

Sea glass jewelry looks good at the beach

Sun, sand, salt water, sunscreen and chlorinated water can be very hard on jewelry. This is probably why you shouldn’t wear your fine jewelry to the beach or the pool. Yet we all want to have a little bling to wear now and then, even when we are in a jewelry unfriendly environment. The trick is to either wear something you didn’t pay a lot for or something simply purchased for the circumstances or take some care before, during and after your day out in the sun.


Wearing jewelry to the beach or pool is filled with hazards. You could lose it, have it stolen or simply damaged it due to the harsh environment. Things such as sunscreen and sweat can tarnish your jewelry so make sure you take it off before applying sunscreen. If you’re going for a swim in a chlorinated pool you might also want to remove your jewelry as the chlorine will be too harsh and also cause tarnishing or discoloration of metals.


Go for some inexpensive glass beads or DIY jewelry
If you do decide to wear jewelry make sure that the clasps and fasteners are secure. You don’t want to lose your jewelry in the sand or at the bottom of a pool. If you do take it off before a dip make sure you put in away in your beach bag or tote. Have someone watch your bags while you are away since people do roam the beach and poolside looking for unattended items that they can steal or rummage through.


Most importantly after a day in the sun clean your jewelry. A mild solution of soapy water or even plain water that rinses off salt water, chlorine or sunscreen is best. Dry your jewelry with a soft cloth that will keep from scratching the metal. Sometimes people don’t think about doing this simple step but you wouldn’t think of not washing your swimsuit after a day out, so why not your jewelry? A little care goes a long way towards protecting your jewelry especially if you must wear it to the beach.
A drop of soap, a lot of water and a very soft toothbrush for stubborn dirt

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