Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Melting

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For the past few days we’ve had a bit of a heat wave. Even though I live near San Francisco I don’t live in San Francisco. I live near enough to the coast to enjoy some of the cool breezes that waft over the hill but when things heat up there is nothing that can save us. It has been so hot these past few days I haven’t left the house. How about a big round of applause for air conditioning that keeps us cool.


When it gets super-hot I don’t even want to wear jewelry. This is blasphemy. My wrist gets sticky and my watch feels like it’s too tight. This goes for my rings as well, my fingers feel swollen and things get uncomfortable. This is not a fun time for me since I love my jewelry, particularly my rings and bracelets. When things heat up I just have to change my jewelry strategy.


They add a bohemian look and you can make them yourself
Since my wrist feels sweaty why not switch from metal to cloth or leather. Cloth bracelets are slightly more absorbent and will still slide on your wrist. You won’t get that horrible sticky feeling when the metal seems to glue itself in place. Fingers do swell during the summer and I usually have rings in different sizes. During the winter I may wear stackable rings on my index finger but I can switch them to my middle finger during the summer for comfort.


This is also a good time for some great earrings. Chances are you’re wearing your hair either up in a bun or maybe a ponytail. When the weather gets hot and sticky we have a tendency to sweep up our hair. It’s the perfect hair style for showing off some sparkly earrings, hoops or dangles. Nothing looks better and more like summer than a simple sundress, your hair pulled up and some great earrings. So while it’s so hot you can make cookies on the dashboard of your car, don’t despair, just switch up your jewelry with the weather.
Try some amber earrings the color of the sun

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